P95G Market Weekly Report — Week of 05/31/2020

BTC/USD hourly chart

The Bitcoin price continued to go sideway and form a range between $8,600 and $9,700, indicating a lack of directional movement similar to the stock market. The current resistance is at $9,800, while the support is at $8,600.

The market is likely to trade in a range bound next week until both volume and volatility start picking up again. If the BTC price drops below $9,000 while forming a low at $8,800, it could be an opportunity to accumulate and aim for a profit near $9,600.

Review of the week:

On May 28, the Digital Dollar Project, which was founded by former leaders of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and professional services company Accenture, released its white paper with a 30-page document detailing the potential applications of a CBDC. The project aims to be a pioneer as a way to explore the utilization of the digital dollar and how it can be used, including how it can be used in a crisis. But to make the project work within regulatory bounds, it explicitly does not seek to upend the current monetary system of the U.S. Several while it mentions maintaining the format of currency flowing from the Federal Reserve to financial institutions and then to the public to meet Know Your Customer or Anti-Money Laundering requirements. As for privacy, a central concern, CFTC’s former chairman Daniel Gorfine said: “This is a very meaty and important area. Ultimately, these are policy choices that need to be made by the government.”

Disclaimer: The above market commentary is based on technical analysis using historical pricing data, and is for reference only. It does not serve as investment or trading advice.





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